BBC's Sport Newest F1 Columnist - Mark Webber


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Just noticed on the BBC news features that Mark Webber now has his own column. Is this the start of a media career similar to how DC started? Webber has never been afraid of speaking his mind about the sport, both on and off the track.

Is Webber likely to be joining the current foursome after the end of his F1 career if the BBC retain their coverage?
I certainly hope not.

I don't think I could stand another Red Bull spokesperson on the commentary team.
I don't see Webber been of the same corporate mould as DC. There's no mention of Red Bull in his 1st column and hopefully he could provide a no nonsense view on the races.
Seems like a well-rounded sports junkie, not just a speed freak only.

I wonder if he'll take a cycle down the mountain at one of the Tour de France stages? :):snigger: LOLROFL
Oh can't stand Webber and really hope he doesn't get a job on the bbc, it'd absoultely anger me, i couldn't bare the thought of him wingeing all the time!
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