BBC SPotY 2015

Curent odds for Saturday nights love in.

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I thought Andy Murray had this in the bag was the bookies fav & even though he wont admittit, did win Britain's 1st davis cup for 79 years single handly but top 3 shocked me, with no Farah Hamilton or Froome

Michael o'neill was right in a toss up with mark sampson but I like watching sports Personality of the Year because its a great review & reminds their are nice people as Bailey was brilliant & unsung hero was great to see a guy turning so many people lives around

BBC as is usual have released all the voting results but whats is Unusual to see such a overwhelming majority in results with andy Murray & kevin Sinfield take 53% of million votes casted.
As the top 3
Murray - 35%
Sinfield - 28%
Ennis-hill - 8%
Hamilton came 5th
Murray thoroughly deserved it. How the egg chaser came second I have no idea, although BT will be happy in Yorkshire and Lancashire. I hadn't heard of half of the nominees before they were announced. On Froome and Farah, I can't help but feel the drugs cloud that has hung over them all year must have had some sort of effect.
I've no idea why Farah was on the list. He won 2 races this year and broke no records to do it. In fact both his 5000mtr and 10,000mtr times are almost 1 minute off the word record. Who cares.
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I must admit, as a SPOTY fan, it's becoming harder to defend it. In the past it really was a celebration of British sport that did it's best to cover every champion that year, from Athletics through to Mongolian bucket jumping. Now it's just a vast stadium with a huge number of sports people looking bored. Why go through every nominee again? The recap of the 12 took so long that there was no time for anything else. Plus, half the awards had already been announced on the BBC website in the days before the program.
New Zealand Rugby Full Back, (same position as Johnny Wilkinson). Without doubt one of the greatest Rugby Union players of all time. All time highest international point scorer. Very deserving of a nomination. Depends on what sports you follow if you think he's was worth the win. (I do).
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