BBC Sports Personality Of the Year 2014


Super Hero And All Round Good Guy
Short list is out.
I reckon its between Lewis, Lizzy and Rory.
Ten contenders have been shortlisted for the 2014 BBC Sports Personality of the Year award on 14 December.

Golfer Rory McIlroy, footballer Gareth Bale, gymnast Max Whitlock, F1's Lewis Hamilton and swimmer Adam Peaty are on the list with Lizzy Yarnold (skeleton).

Boxer Carl Froch, Charlotte Dujardin (dressage), athlete Jo Pavey, plus Paralympic skier Kelly Gallagher and guide Charlotte Evans are nominated.

The public vote for their favourite by phone and online on the night.

With an array of candidates to choose from, an expert 12-member panel faced some difficult choices finalising the shortlist.
So which of those being nominated has got the best personality?

What has that to do with it?

No Olympic year so that cuts out half the entrants, then there's a footballer who plays away, a horsewoman who isn't a royal, it's a long time since winter sports so it's between an Irish golfer who dumped his girlfriend and a world championship winning F1 driver whose girl friend seems to be back with him.

Piece of doddle, it's the boxer.:D

Hamilton by a mile. With Mercedes winning the British team event.
Lewis has to be the favorite. He certainly has more personality than Andy Murray. Hopefully he wont be in the shower unlike Murray last year when he was meant to be on TV. LOL
I really can't see F1 being a big enough sport now to attract the votes, especially since the beeb sold out.
Personally I'd vote for Lizzy (sorry Lewis!) as she competed in a sport the Brits aren't renowned for. It's become traditional an Olympian wins in an Olympic year.
She also seems to have bags of personality so ticks all the boxes.
Mercedes could have the potential to win the team sport though...
I'm afraid I don't think Lewis is really that popular with the British public in general. The whole "tax- dodging by living in Switzerland" thing has stuck for one (which irritates me as I'm sure he's already been responsible for HMRC gaining more in tax revenue than from most individuals). I'd be very surprised if he wins SPOTY.
As much as I despise the pointless program, the actual definition of personality in this context is 2 below.


Just for those struggling to grasp the concept that "sports personality" = "famous sports person" and not "sports person with an interesting and likeable personality".

Even then, 1 still applies. Not all personalities are interesting, or good.
Surprised they announced it this early, shame Ronnie O Sullivan won't be nominated, winning a title with a broken limb must surely be a feat worth commemorating.
I'm afraid I don't think Lewis is really that popular with the British public in general. The whole "tax- dodging by living in Switzerland" thing has stuck for one (

JB won it in 2009 despite living in tax free zones so that's not likely to stop people voting.

If I could afford to live in Switzerland or Monaco I'd be there like a shot!
Oh I agree - and Switzerland would be my top choice, but for some reason the tax-avoidance thing in the British media is always levelled at Lewis and not the other drivers so much.
It may have something to do with the speed with which he was catapulted from "ordinary boy" to "racing superstar". I know it's that age old discussion we've had about him joining a star team from the off but he literally did go from zero to hero overnight so much so that any hope of maintaining the "I'm just popping down to Tesco's" kind of life that he had the season before went out of the window in short order.
Er... Hamberg - JB didn't win it in 2009, Ryan Giggs did (complete travesty, IMO). SPOTY ceased to have any relevance once they started allowing the oiks voting rights - much better when proper sports writers decided amongst themselves who was the most deserving recipient whilst sloshing G&Ts down at the club, dontcherknow...
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