BBC Sports Personality Of the Year 2014

The program is a complete load of shit anyway as are all the patting each other on the back for doing the job you love to do and get well paid for it anyway programs, most blokes only watch these contrived aren't I brilliant crap fests to see if there will be a nip slip moment from one the chicks on show...
In the last 7 years, there has been only one English winner of SPOTY, and he was born in Belgium.

Was it Lord Wellington who said "If I were born in a stable would it make me a horse" when questioned about his birth in Ireland? Anyway, Bradley Wiggins is far more English than that Kenyan bloke who also pedals a bike and pedals the lie that he is English.
That's the nature of 'stardome' whether it is in the arts or the world of sport - it is never enough to win and be supreme, there always has to be 'peer' recognition! How bloody big are the egos involved?
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Current odds.

Looks like the bloke that dumped his girlfriend of 3 years, out of the blue, by telephone, and never spoke to her again, is the favorite.

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 11.56.00.png
He flew in from the USA yesterday and flies back out there tomorrow. Doesn't leave him much time to catch up with the ones he loves.
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