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The list for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year have been announced. They are:

Lizzie Armitstead
Lucy Bronze
Jessica Ennis-Hill
Mo Farah
Chris Froome
Tyson Fury
Lewis Hamilton
Adam Peaty
Greg Rutherford
Adam Sinfield
Max Whitlock

If you don't know who some of them are here's the link to the BBC website to explain what they do.

BBC Sports Personality of the Year: Contenders for 2015 award
Well they should have waited one more weekend for the Davis cup final.

The team of the year should be interesting. England Ladies football team or the Davis cup winning GB team?
Andy Murray has been added to the list.

Regarding the Team award. If this goes to someone other than The Davis cup team then something is very wrong.

In addition to the main prize, there will also be seven other awards on the night:

  • Team of the Year
  • Coach of the Year
  • Overseas Sports Personality of the Year
  • Young Sports Personality of the Year
  • Helen Rollason Award
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Unsung Hero
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after looking at all the achievements say the panel got 9 of the 10 of shortlisted for sports personality of the year correct because in my opinion i wouldve replaced max whitlock with joe root as its ridiculous that a man can be world no1 & win the ashes but not shortlisted, but cant give them too much grief because its always going to be impossible to please everyone in the 10 with all the sports. for me winner is between andy murray, tyson fury, jessica ennis & mo farah. lewis hamilton wont win because lets face its been pretty easy

1 im glad im not choosing is the team the of the year because how do you choose between GB davis cup, england women, NI men & wales men because all 4 teams have hugely surpassed all expectations
There was a pretty heated debate about SPOTY on Talk Sport as I was driving home last night. They seemed to think that there is a bias by the BBC toward sports that they still held the broadcast rights for. They agreed that it was also wrong that Joe Root wasn't on the list and produced several other names who should be on there. Gareth Bale for example. His goals for Wales have seen them qualify for a major tournament for the first time since the 50's.
Well the majority of them are from the athletics world championships, which the BBC still show. So talk sport peeps may have a good point. Athletics viewer figures anyone? I would be amazed if its higher than F1 which is already in its death throws. Also chuff all from the Rugby World Cup. Oh thats right it was on ITV and England did badly, best sweep that under the carpet even if Wales, Scotland and Ireland did very well. Not one player.
And Danny Kent became the first British Motorcycle World Champion since Barry Sheene in 1977 in the Moto3 series (formally the 125cc class) and that didn't make the list. (In Moto class riding btw in case you thought I'd forgotten someone like Foggy)

I've never had a problem with Sports Personality of the Year but it does need to be truly representational of all UK sporting achievement.
Blimey the SPoTY getting loads more air-time than usual due to Tyson Fury's, less than diplomatic, stance on gender isssues.

Then the BBC comes out with Tyson Fury responds as petition grows for removal from Sports Personality list - BBC News including this statement to finish.

"The Sports Personality shortlist is compiled by a panel of industry experts and is based on an individual's sporting achievement - it is not an endorsement of an individual's personal beliefs, either by the BBC or members of the panel."
So, it's really the Sports Performance of The Year show?

I believe that Andy Murray, representing Foul-Mouthed Bad Manners, was heard to say " Yeah, SPoTY has got **** all to do with personality, so **** off out of my way"

Lewis Hamilton, representing Smug Self-Obsession, was asked for a comment but refused to look away from the mirror.

Mo Farah and Chris Froome were also unavailable, both due to long-standing pre-arranged medical appointments.

It is now understood that the BBC will be investigating a method to vet all telephone votes for Jessica Ennis-Hill to ensure that she does not win the award just because she's got a nice arse. :embarrassed:
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Have no idea why Kevin Sinfield is on that list. Did he have a good season for Leeds Rhinos?

I feel sinfield is giggs all over again where its more career achievement sentimental than a yr. Because I remember reading a guy from Yorkshire post who was happy but bemused as he said he wasnt even the best player in Leeds rhinos team

On tyson fury as someone on sheff utd forum said sports personality is supposed to be on sporting achievement, (i say supposed ie joe root) not on whether he's a nice guy or not & beating klitschko against all the odds is worthy achievementWorld titles don't come with a helping of class unfortunately, as Tyson proved.
That is quite an article on the BBC about Tyson Fury. What a total dickhead. If the SPOTY is about personality he ain't going to win. If its about sporting ability, well have you seen this.

You may not like Tyson Fury's personality but at least he has one, which is more than can be said of many of the other sporting automatons on that list.
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