BBC premiership predictor game


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The BBC sport website are running a free premier league predictor game in which you score points for guessing the correct score / result of premier league fixtures.

When you join up you can join leagues.

If anyone is interested I have created a Clip the Apex league which you can join by entering the following pin: 8qdjjp
yeah I always have ago. cant say i'll be any good. 2 years ago I was saying at work when discussing premier league as you do during the run in & said <cant remember> are down I just cant see them winning another game playing dreadful. not only did they win the next game but stayed up with a game or 2 to spare LOL
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I can't do this as I could never predict Spurs, Man U, Man City, Liverpool or Arsenal to win as I hope they lose every game and all get relegated in a bizarre twist of premier league rules. But, alas, this is unlikely to happen and this also means I'm very unlikely to get these predictions right. :twisted:
I don't watch football. I only read up on the results, so I wonder how I'll do. But I also guess that it doesn't matter, because only Italian football is highly fixed predictable.
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