Autosport Castrol Prediction Game CTA League.


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I am playing Autosports Castrol Prediction game this year. Its FREE. I have set up a CTA league for anyone that wants to join me.
It is a predictions game. For each round you predict who will be the top ten, pole and fastest lap.


Registration took me 60 seconds.

Follow this link to register.

I have set up a league, just follow the link to join.

See you in the game.
p.s. any chance of moving this to the Fantasy F1 forum.
I have closed this league as none but 1 entered.
Thanks everyone for your support. :(
I will be playing with my friends, family and colleagues in the office.
I would have played, but I was afraid of getting removed from your league again when I was doing well LOL:p (sorry about last year btw, I did honestly try to change my name once the season started and was enjoying playing until I was removed:friends: )
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