Australian V8s' Headed To Texas

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Speed Channel: V8 Supercars Headed To Texas

Chalk up a third major international series that's booked tickets for the Circuit of the Americas'.....according to the article above by Speed's Marshall Pruett, the FIA International V8 Supercar Championship has signed a contract to race at the Austin circuit beginning in 2013 through the 2017 season.

To give an idea of what the V8s' are like, here are some race highlights & footage from the past few years.............

Finish, 2011 Abu Dhabi round

Footage, 2010 Gold Coast 600, race 2

2011 Clipsal 500 highlights from Adelaide

2010 Telstra 500 highlights from Sydney

2010 Norton 360 Challenge from Sandown
At one time we got V8 Supercar highlights on terrestrial channels in the UK but I haven't seen it for ages. Always a good watch especially the Bathurst races. It pee's me off that I can't afford to subscribe to all the channels I need to to get to see stuff like that. There seems to be an assumption on the part of promoters that the viewing public have got bottomless pockets full of lucre. Well we haven't. I hope some of the sports sponsors realise that their ad's plastered over the cars and trackside billboards are only seen by a tiny fraction of viewers worldwide and that if they really want to get mass coverage they should wise up and put some pressure on the media to give us a better deal!>:(

You will gather from my rant that I really miss V8 Supercars ... a lot!
I love watching this series whenever I can catch it on TV.
As Tarod says, it's way better than the other tin top series.

What a shame it doesn't get much exposure or airtime here in the UK.
I love the V8 racing, so much that a few years ago I went out and got myself a VXR8 (Vauxhalls version of the Holden Super V8) just so I could drive one myself. Amazing cars to drive, amazing noise in the race and amazing seeing what idiots the guys behind the wheel really are when they push those things to the limits. Am hoping to be out in the US more often over the next few years for work so may have to "arrange" a business meeting in Texas around race time, and maybe take some "clients" to the race for hospitality reasons ;)
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