Cricket Ashes 2017

I don't generally watch cricket, but I do sort of keep an eye on it as my dad was such a huge fan of it. Excellent result by the England team and that man Ben Stokes again!! :victory:
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This must be one of the most unusual Ashes series ever. Both teams have poor batsmen with the exception of two or three players who are top rate. The openers seem to be there to take the shine off the ball within two overs which is not possible with the red ball.

In the first innings Australia were poor, they only had three batsmen who got into double figures one of them being eleven, England must have thought tht it was their match for the taking but they were even worse with a top scorer of twelve and no-one else in double figures. It was like an F1 race with Hamilton and Verstappen both stalling on the grid and then finishing in first and second positions due to eighteen retirements on the last lap - it makes for excitement at the time but crap a week later.
Bah humbug, although I do get what you are saying in a way.

It's interesting that Steve Smith's replacement is now Australia's best batsman. If they are both in for the next test then we may struggle?

I agree about the openers in general with the exception of Rory Burns. I think he's quite good although he didn't have a good match at Headingly.

I reckon Rory and Leach (tell him he's the night Watchman) to open...
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