Are street circuits still appropriate for F1 racing?

The constant complaining about the lack of overtaking, and most fans are guilty of it, has led in part to the crappy technology we have to put up with today that leads to manufactured passes where one driver can use his DRS to attack while the driver having to defend is powerless to do anything about it. Hopefully Adrian Newey is right when he predicts engines will play a much greater role in a teams success from 2014 than they have in recent years. Being an aero man it won't make him happy, but for many it will be great to see engines becoming more of a factor. This is an automotive sport after all. I'd love to see engines turn cars back into cars rather than upside down aeroplanes. I know aerodynamics are here to stay but it would be great to see automotive engineers given enough freedom to work their magic.
As far as street circuits go, I love 'em, especially Singapore for its spectacle and its ability, due to its length and width, to put on good racing and Monaco for its history.
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