And you thought truck racing was safe...


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Fortunately, both drivers weren't badly injured.

I had no idea this series existed in Brazil.
I used to watch the UK truck races when they were on Dave (I think) a few years ago but I haven't seen any truck racing for a while now.
That is simply amazing that they both walked away, especially the guy in the orange cab. Ridiculous :o
I used to go watch alot of truck racing back in the 80's and when they crash they do some serious damage.

I do remember one race at Brands Hatch when it was stopped early because a truck hit the pit wall just before the start finish line. To entertain the crowd whilst reparing the wall they brought out a pretty awesome truck that could do wheelies of all things. So off the guy went down the start / finish straight suddenly deciding that he might not clear the bridge up on two wheels, dropped it a bit to rapidly lost control speared left into the barrier causing even more carnage ending up on it's side. Busy day for marshalls and repair work that.
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