A new record for Lewis Hamilton!


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This week, the only man ever to be named Clip the Apex Driver of the Year achieved a new record.

He has now raced 73 times for McLaren-Mercedes, which beats Jim Clark's 72 races for Team Lotus.

Thus Hamilton now has the most race starts for a driver who has only driven for one constructor.

He's still got a way to go to get to David Coulthard's McLaren appearance record of 150...

2011 Teams' Appearance Records:

Red Bull - M. Webber - 73
McLaren - D. Coulthard - 150
Ferrari - M. Schumacher - 180
Mercedes - M. Schumacher/N. Rosberg - 21
Renault - F. Alonso - 105
Williams - N. Mansell - 95
Force India - A. Sutil - 56 (all of FI's races)
Sauber - H. Frentzen - 64, N. Heidfeld - 125 if you include BMW Sauber
Toro Rosso - S. Buémi - 38
Team Lotus - E. de Angelis - 90
HRT - B. Senna - 18
Virgin - T. Glock - 20

Other Teams
Minardi - P. Martini - 102
Brabham - N. Piquet - 106
Ligier - J. Laffite - 132
Jordan - R. Barrichello - 64
Alfa Romeo - B. Giacomelli - 49
Arrows - R. Patrese/T. Boutsen - 57
Benetton - M. Schumacher - 68
Jaguar - E. Irvine - 50
Toyota - J. Trulli - 90
BRM - G. Hill - 64
Tyrell - P. Depallier - 80
Cooper - B. McLaren - 62
BAR - J. Villeneuve - 81

Here's some top 10s. I know the colours may not be entirely accurate...

Do you think Coulthard is a little irked that Lewis Hamilton has already won more races in less than half the starts that he did? ;)
Do you think Coulthard is a little irked that Lewis Hamilton has already won more races in less than half the starts that he did? ;)

I wonder how Hamilton would have done in a 2000-2004 McLaren against Schumacher in his pomp though. But then thats a discussion for a another thread
I'm not really sure how to score Tyrell. Stewart drove for Ken during the formative years of the team-1968 through 1973. In 1968 and 1969 they used Matra chassis, in 1970 they used the horrible March 701 for most of the year. IMHO, through all of that, it should be considered as Tyrell.

To me, numbers are meaningless, since the number of races in a season has doubled since Clark's day.
This is getting a bit off topic now but when we did the database on the old site, we spent a long time researching all of the teams to ensure we had accurate data.

This is what we had for Tyrrell:


The team's entry was sold to BAR at the end of 1997 and they continued to run under BAR ownership until the end of 1998.
Another Lewis Hamilton related statistic.
He has become only the 12th driver to win a Grand Prix in 5 consecutive seasons, and the only one to do it in his first 5 seasons.

The full list of drivers who have had wins in 5 consecutive seasons or more is:
Schumacher 15
Prost 10
Senna 9
Piquet 8
Clark 7
Moss 7
Fangio 7
Coulthard 7
Stewart 6
Ickx 5
Lauda 5
Hamilton 5

Shamelessly stolen from here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/606/A83938576

P.S. I quite like the idea of having a statistics related thread for each driver and team.
To be honest it's virtually impossible to compare statistics over decades because rules etc are so much different
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