2010 Average Grid


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The Average Grid for F1 in 2010 was:

1. S. Vettel (2[color=#FFFFFF].000[/color])
[RIGHT]2. M Webber (2.526)[/RIGHT]
3. L Hamilton (4.895)
[RIGHT]4. F Alonso (5.947)[/RIGHT]
5. J. Button (6.947)
[RIGHT]6. R. Kubica (7[color=#FFFFFF].000[/color])[/RIGHT]
7. N Rosberg (7.316)
[RIGHT]8. F Massa (7.737)[/RIGHT]
9. M Schumacher (9.421)
[RIGHT]10. R Barrichello (9.526)[/RIGHT]
11. N Hulkenburg (10.947)
[RIGHT]12. A Sutil (11.737)[/RIGHT]
13. V Petrov (13.526)
[RIGHT]14. K Kobayashi (13.789)[/RIGHT]
15. Car #22 (14.263)
(P de la Rosa 14.429/N Heidfeld 13.800)[RIGHT]16. S Buemi (14.789)[/RIGHT]
17. V Liuzzi (15.263)
[RIGHT]18. J Alguersuari (15.632)[/RIGHT]
19. H Kovalainen (19.316)
[RIGHT]20. J Trulli (19.368)[/RIGHT]
21. T Glock (19.842)
[RIGHT]22. L di Grassi (22.053)[/RIGHT]
23. Car #21 (22.895)
(B. Senna 22.833/S. Yamamoto 24*)[RIGHT]24. Car #20 (23.623)
(K. Chandhok 23.400/S. Yamamoto 23.000*/C. Klien 23.333)[/RIGHT]

*Yamamoto total average 23.143
Surprising that Massa is behind Rosberg and Kubica, although not so much with Robert. Its also interesting to see that Heikki outqualified Jarno 'one-lap' Trulli.

Apart from that there isn't really much that can be taken from these stats - we could see that the Red Bulls were miles ahead but just couldn't convert most of the time.
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