3D printer for sale now £1365

I remember my son-in-law, who is a designer with a well known engine supplier, telling me about a device that could create his designs in potato starch, a solid entity that could then be replicated in the 'right' material - is that the same type of thing?
Time to bump up an old thread. I know we have a few engineers on here who use various CAD packages. Has anyone had any experience with using these printers? I'm not talking about the dirt cheap ones but my work has just invested in a mid-range model and I'll be doing the majority of the work that will be printed using it. Any tips and advice would be appreciated!
But I don't want to wait 20 hours for my spag bol to be printed out I'd rather do it the old fashioned way and be eating it in half hour or forty minutes as the Chinese say when you order a take away over the phone.

How long will it be love?

'aff hour forty minute'....

Yeah, thought so...
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