2020 Now TV skyports passes strategy.


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I just worked this out for myself and thought others may find it useful if you want to legally stream F1 in the UK i.e. you don't have a sky subscription.

Now tv sports passes are now only available as a day pass £9.99 or a month pass £25 (for first 3 months then £34 per month after). You can cancel at any time but it does auto renew so be aware you must log in to your account and cancel.

To buy just 'Day passes' for each race as 'race day only' would cost £79.92
However if you buy a month pass this will cover the first 4 races Austria-1 Austria-2, Hungary and Silverstone-1, for £25 Practice ,Qually and Race. No brainer! If you let it run for the second month at another £25 this will cover the next 3 races Silverstone-2, Spain and Belgium again a no brainer.

The last race in Italy would fall into the 3rd month and 1 race for £25 is terrible value. SO I am cancelling the subscription after Belgium and will watch the last race Qually highlights on Ch4 and buy just a day pass £9.99 for the race.

Total cost £25+£25+10 = £60 for the season as it currently stands. If more races are added later I will revise this.

Hope this helps.
I attached my spread sheet.


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