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How did you rate the 2016 USA race out of ten?

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Decent first half but second half was dull dull dull, Still the Alonso red mist in last 5 laps helped a little. Good result to keep the championship hanging on by a thread.

Hmmmm a generous 5
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I cannot think of anything from that race that would make me score it more than 1 so 1 it is, especially as there isn't a 0 option.
Had it not been for the VSC there could have been a race for the only position that mattered. But seeing Alonso drive the way he did on those last ten laps at San Marino bodes well for the future if Honda can just up their power.

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the VSC ruined things at the front as well as Verstappen taking himself out basically meant Rosberg was less pressured . I hate to say this but the luck is definitely falling with Rosberg since the mid season break

The battle for 5th was exciting at the end

So a 7 for me
the VSC ruined things at the front as well as Verstappen taking himself out basically meant Rosberg was less pressured .


I don't agree with it becaue something everybody seems to have missed out was the fact that Hamilton at that point yet had to put the medium tyre on. The gap to Rosberg was stable at around 9 seconds. It would have been a tall order forRosberg on a different strategy to catch him but he then would have been on the faster tyre. As it was it made sense for Mercedes to pit them both on the mediums to ensure the 1-2. That was the sensible thing to do but that also reset everything and nullified the different strategies, putting paid to whatever hope Nico had to try and get Lewis on strategy. I think Nico would have been in it otherwise even though it would have been difficult.
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I gave it a 4, but I'd give a race driven at half-speed with zero overtakes a 1. There were a few overtakes in Austin - not many - but a few. Some interest with engine trouble and wheel nuts and a spot of 'racing' between the Spaniards at the end. Not quite Scorchio! but better than nothing. It's always nice to watch a live Grand Prix.

Oh yeah the Mercs, well that story's over for this year already unforch.
Incubus You can only feel for Ricciardo who was ready for a fight at the end and it would have been interesting where Verstappen would have been on his strategy to Rosberg as well

Rosberg was the one who benefitted from a free pitstop
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