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So as we move onto Austin, Texas, Rosberg would appear to be pretty much in control, and, unless Hamilton gets his starts sorted out, or Rosberg DNF for four races in a row, I don't see much changing.
Last year the weather at Austin dominated the race, to say that it was a wet race would be a massive understatement. The rain was so torrential that Q3 was cancelled and Qualifying was on race day. So do we hope for a dry weekend or a really wet one ?
The circuit is 3.427 miles long (5.515km), it's another Tilke designed circuit, one of a few which runs counter clockwise. From the start to the first corner the drivers climb to the highest point on the circuit, making the initial dash to the first corner and the inevitable jockeying for position that much more challenging than the usual start of race chaos. Last year if you remember saw Hamilton and Rosberg fighting for position at the corner with Hamilton winning. Bad feeling between them escalated, and it hasn't really got any better since.
One of the circuits major features is the spectacular Observation tower, which gives me vertigo just to look at. The observation platform is at 230 feet (70m) above ground. I imagine it's a fantastic place to watch the race ( for those with nerves of steel ) as you can see the entire circuit.
Last year Austin was a very entertaining race, lots of struggling for grip in the wet conditions, slides and overtakes. Of the 20 drivers who started, only 12 finished. It also saw Lewis Hamilton clinch the title, which is certainly not going to happen this year.
Although Austin has been a popular venue, fan attendance is in decline, maybe the current surge in the fortunes of the HAAS team will help to boost numbers at the track. But at the moment the Texas government has cut funding to the circuit, so Austin is looking threatened. I think it would be A great shame to see this race dropped.
Tyres for Austin : Supersofts, Soft and Medium
Number of Laps : 56
Race Distance : 308.4km.


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Well there seemed to be quite a few spectators for qualifying. Who knows how impressed they were though.


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Mclaren mess up qualifying yet again.. for goodness sake:givemestrength: :bangfists: why time and time again do they try last minute high risk when there are a lot of cars doing the same thing ?


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Good lap from Lewis only man in 34s. But doubt rosberg willbe worrying as weve seen plenty of times where lewis has cock it up from pole ie monza, hope Riccardio if he does jumps both not split mercedes as weve had very few wheel to wheel battles with title rivals

But on weirlein in fp3 not great behaviour to be asked repeatedly to turn off overheating engine. Apparently according to skyf1 during qualifying this behaviour is why he isnt top of some people shopping list. But i hope there isnt too much bad blood as there's a lot of blank spaces on the 2017 f1 grid. I bet hes 1 of them will write his name
I thank you :thankyou:ill get my coat LOL


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The best result for Hamilton would be a clean start and have the Red Bulls finish 2nd and 3rd and Rosberg back in 4th, in fact Lewis needs that result in two of the remaining GP's to have a crack at the title, unless Rosberg has a DNF, that would leave the remaining battle wide open.


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F1Brits_90 Interesting take on Werhlein who has to be said was shepherded by his senior Mercedes colleagues to the DTM title last season and got the backing of some Mercedes execs but has not look convincing against Haryanto its only when his rival Ocon was promoted then he's been quicker in quali.

I am still not convinced by him unless he moves further up the grid to Force India

It is interesting that Renault have been apparently been rebuffed by Mercedes to sign Ocon which shows just how highly he is regarded by some people within Mercedes

With both Williams and Force India still with seats available - both which he has experience through Merc engines but both in a hurry to get his signature might back up the point made

Manor are not in a position like Red Bull where they are doing everything to protect Max Verstappen for his faults


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As much as it would be fun to watch, I really can't see much of a race on between the Mercs today, if there's any overtakes on track between them I'll be pleasantly surprised.

Hoping more though from Young Max v Ricciardo - that could be fun.


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Kewee, it's quite simple. Hamilton needs to win the last four races. Rosberg won't finish 2nd in all of them (considering the number of 2nd places for Merc this year). This means Rosberg needs to win one of those races. If he does, he's pretty much certain of the title.


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the race is potentially open for Red Bull to be the spoilers

If Ricciardo can get off the line cleanly then he might interfere with the Mercs. I don't think Verstappen will feature as he is on the dirtier side of the track and could lose a few places at the first corner

The Ferrari's are off the pace and going to have a lonely race and it appears their troubles are not getting any better


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Yeah that was the big shock for vettel to be 1.3 secs off. Its like ferrari havent developed there car all season because they gone backwards look at Australian & Bahrain gp they were 5/6 tenths off mercedes but like red bull are now yet theyve lost 8 tenths. Whereas Red Bull were over 1.5 secs now almost gained the time ferraris lost

But for the race would be great for riccardio to take the lead. But its a strange season because we have title rivals & neither really battled together on track
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From Andrew Benson's twitter:

No further action taken on the Alonso/Massa incident, Ferrari fined 5,000 Euros. for unsafe release. Either the latter is a printing error or this must be the tiniest fine I have ever heard of for an incident in an F1 race??...


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Some great radio comments in this race. Nico's response to his team telling him to push, Max for his response to his team telling him to stop pushing and Fernando after making a great pass.


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There are some sets of three consecutive races this season which would have seen Hamilton take the title.

Negative swings are towards Rosberg.

The same results as Spain/Monaco/Canada or GB/Hungary (with either Austria or Germany) would see Hamilton win the title.
Rosberg has swung more than 26 points several times over three races, too! There has been no Rosberg DNF which didn't involve Hamilton in the same gravel trap, too - can that last?
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