2016-17 Silly Season. Drivers Market

I know what your saying but who they going to replace him with? They have no one any better. Plus the deal is pretty much already done.
It seems like Red Bull's young driver academy is not as good as it has been in previous seasons where the next lot of drivers don't appear to have met the same standard or are lagging a bit behind their development
Red Bull academy does now have Dan Tinkum but he is a couple of years away. There has just been a lull because all of their young drivers came through to their F1 seats.
This is an interesting piece from James Allen whilst analysing the move for Sainz to Renault is part of a jigsaw he also has a section on Gasly who is now coming into form and recognition and could be line to race for TR later this year

Man in the news: How will Carlos Sainz find the step up to Renault F1 team?

One another thing which he eloborated on was the Honda factor in wanting to promote Matsushita which I had not previously considered which would mean that potentially Toro Rosso/ Red Bull have decision to make about Gasly and Kyvat for the other seat
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