2016-17 Silly Season. Drivers Market


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I would love to see drivers trying to do Monaco with a manual gearbox like they use which was a serious test of skill and concentration


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Something interesting Lewis probably ended his dreams ever of driving for Ferrari by saying " Mercedes power is better than Ferrari power " to the tifosi today and no doubt a subtle dig at Vettel and the boos

Hmm Merc have not announced Bottas' extension yet suggestions that they might want to bag any more top driver left in the market and there was a suggestion the delay was only because of the situation developing at Red Bull with Verstappen starting to throw toys out of the pram

- I think once Alonso announces where he will be then everyone will settle down no less


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Just saw it on the BBC today not Andrew Benson but if Toto is saying it is a " No -brainer " to not keep Bottas then there must be something else making them delay his announcement whether its the length of the contract or there are developments in the drivers market due to the recent events in Spa and here

So the suggestions are possibly Verstappen or maybe Ocon who is probably going to start beating Perez more are being lined up to replace Bottas eventually


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Sainz to Renault is all over social media with Gasly taking his seat at Toro Rosso Honda. No smoke without fire.


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didnt know whether to post this here. sainz Renault McLaren etc. but FB your spot it seems certain for 2018. but rumours that it could be watching palmers final grand prix in Singapore as soon as malaysia

Sainz Toro Rosso > Renault
Gasly Japan super formula > Toro Rosso
2018 Matushita GP2 > Toro Rosso (replacing Kyvat)

Sainz's Renault switch agreed as McLaren deal looms


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I can’t believe that it may happen, why didn’t Renault release him after the race in Hungary, where he was utterly pathetic and lost about 1 sec. per lap to Hülkenberg.

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