MotoGP 2014 Season


Yamaha are first to break cover showing off their 2014 challenger in what looks to be somebody's shed, Ron Dennis's head would explode it the McLaren was launched in this manner.

It could well do and not a good start for the young man and now he may realise that he is not invincible although I love his riding style I don't want to see him killed because of it...
Marquez's dizzy head thing aside that is his first big injury in the sport but he has had some truly scary big prangs. Even so I doubt he thought himself invincible even prior to his leg break. As for his riding style he is not as reckless as often portrayed and a darned sight less hot headed than some of his peers. Also his cornering technique allows him to move his combined rider/bike centre of gravity further inward than others at a similar lean angle. If one compares that with Danny Pedrosa, for example, we can see Danny's lean angles are often greater as his weight transfer isn't as effective as Marc's.
I suspect most young people are like I was... more scared of being old or growing up, than dying. At the age of 18 I didn't know anyone that wanted to live past 30. Dying on a motoGP bike is a very attractive proposition right up to approximately 25 years old.
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Exciting first race of the 2014 season. Don't usually enjoy bike racing but that was a good one.
Marc Marquez wins despite breaking his leg only 6 weeks ago.
Good documentary, I find it so scary how they accepted death as aprt of the job in those days. I usually moan about the sterility of motorsport but I couldn't bear to watch if I thought there was a high likelyhood of riders/drivers dying. still reeling from Simoncelli.

The MotoGP on Sunday was good fun. Some riders very annoyed with themselves (Bradl & Smith) & the way Jorge looked at his twisted wreck of his bike as if weighing up the possiblilty of remounting was amusing.
Some great clean moves from Rossi & Marquez in the closing laps.
Good start to the year :thumbsup:
I finally managed to watch Sundays race at the circuit of the Amercas I don't have BT sport so I have to watch the highlights on ITV4 which I must say are quite extensive.

And for what was quite possibly the greatest jump start I have ever seen I nominate Jorge Lorenzo..

I've just watched a programme on BTSport a

I watched the race on from COTA on BT Sport, well I say race, I watched the start and first few laps, then I watched 4 laps worth of adverts aimed at people who'd be interested in the race, then I watched a few more laps, then another 3 laps of adverts and then the end of the race. Utterly appaling :(
I feel like COTA is a good but not great track, but also was definitely not meant for bikes. Why they race there is beyond me with Laguna Seca, Indianapolis, and so many other good options available. I personally would love to see a major series go to Road America, incredible track.
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