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How did the race rate for you then?

I didn't think it was a classic but it's a good circuit to watch F1 cars at and there were a few decent overtakes so I'll give it a 7. Great drives from Grosjean, Hulkenberg and Bottas... as well as Vettel as ever. Qualifying was also interesting. There were quite a few dull periods in the race though that were probably only saved by having a few friends around to distract me.

I will let this poll run until Saturday evening before I tally up the scores since there is only a week until the next race.
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Only real highlight was Bottas getting his 1st points and that was mainly down to his qualifying position. 2014 can't come quick enough.
Really dull. Only a few overtakes in the second half of the race saved it from an even lower score. Nice to see Botas up there and Grosjean denying Redbull a 1-2. But I am grabbing at straws there is no way around it. That was boring.

Well, not my favourite race of the season, and not as compelling as last year, although I still quite enjoyed it. Plenty of interest from 2nd place back, with some good solid drives from Bottas, Hulk, Lewis, and Perez, amongst others.

7 from me.
First 20 laps were rubbish. I was starting to think about some low numbers, but after half distance it got better and better with some great overtakes and defensive driving, so I gave it an 8.

Romain has been superb the second half of the season and that snippet about him having a kid in the summer makes all that make sense. He is driving now like he wants to avoid accidents. Last year he would have tried too much at t1 and ended up off the circuit. This year he banked second. Well done that man.
4. Really disappointing after last year. I gave up on the live race but have watched it again via BBC highlights. Fairly pedestrian except for a couple of drivers - is this what happens when the WDC is done and dusted so soon?

As an aside, I was pleased to see that the BBC 'highlights' were actually the entire race!!
I watched the highlights as I couldn't get decent working internet feed at the start for some reason. Was good not to see huge chunks of the coverage cut out, but the commentary - I wish they didn't feel the need to fill every available bit of silence with inane chatter. Still much prefer the Sky coverage as it doesn't feel like I've got a wasp buzzing round in my ear.
It is usually hard to keep up one's interest this late in the season as the championship is usually long decided. This year is even more so than normal as most of the teams began concentrating on their cars for next year months ago.

Given my low expectations, I would give it a 5. Not bad considering the circumstances.
This track struck me as a Mickey Mouse Rollercoaster last year, and still is now.
Too many got carried away by how wonderful, exciting, enthralling, spectacular is was... :no:
.............. perhaps because of who the winner was last year. :whistle:

Anyway, it's a 4 and joint low score for the season.
The race was not the best but it gets a 7 because he had some genuine late braking overtakes and showed the art of defending a position is not dead.

Am I the only one who gets just as excited at a great piece of defending as an overtake? Grosjean absolutely gace Webber nowhere to go with his exits and positioning on track and Alonso's cut back on the Hulk was pretty awesome.
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