2011 Australian GP Champagne Moment


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Any particular moment or event of the Oz race which made you go WOW or COOL!? If so list it below and I'll put a poll up in a few days.

I'll kick you off with all the teams carrying messages of support for the victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.
My champagne moment was Lewis actually making it too the end of the race with his broken car. I brilliant 18 points. I apologise that most of my champagne moments this season will be about Lewis, regardless of how boring and quiet his race is. :2nd:
Lewis's P2 qualifying lap without the aid of a fully functional KERS. 0.472s quicker than his teammate who had been as quick if not quicker through FP1,2 and 3.
There are quite a few for me.
  • Hamilton's Q3 last lap getting 2nd - top
  • Vettel's unbelievable fastest lap
  • Sutil's spin
  • Barrichello's overtake on Kobayashi
  • Petrov at the start and crossing the line for the podium right in front of Alonso (couldn't help but smile a little)
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