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2011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix out of 10

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Not my cup of cake
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A Vettel pole but no win. Hamilton replacing Vettel at the head of procession and taking what looked like a relatively "easy" win. Alonso putting his Ferrari in a position it probably didn't deserve to be. Lots of DRS overtaking, so how did you score this race?
I thought I had posted a comment here, along with voting - maybe it didn't register.

Not the finest race but had it's moments and a bit more interesting than some - so a 6. As G says not 'edge of the seat' stuff, but had the potential to achieve that.

Comment on the Director - too many replays in the initial laps which detracted from the racing.
I went for a 6 as marginally better than India but the best we've had here thus far. Disappointed for Vettel as I would have liked to have seen him coming from behind for once.
7. Although there were overtakes and some decent passing and re-passing the track still needs modifying, particularly around turns 5/6/7 as the DRS brings a certain air of inevitability and it is dangerous to rely on artificial measures. However, it was better than Singapore, Korea, India, Valencia and last year's race.
Just about agree with everybody today.Crikey. Had to go 6 as I do admit I enjoyed it a smidgin more than India.

One thing that strikes me is that for us folk's who hate the artificiality of DRS we nevertheless got the tension of the chase. Okay, I had to follow that on Live Timing as you didn't see much of Lewis and Fernando on the TV so, maybe some folk's wouldn't have appreciated the lap by lap tug of war going on. However, the DRS at least gave the casual fan something as well.
I can't remember another race (or the coverage) this year achieving the same effect.:thinking:
9 from my perspective, however I can't see many other people going that high.

Don't want to hear complaints about the "artificial" nature of the double DRS battles. A smart driver would learn a lesson if they were re-passed and just wait for the second zone next time.

The complex leading onto the first long straight is an abomination though.
Aside from the vicious stab of pleasure at finally seeing Vettel stumble this year, the race failed to ignite for me - fizzed a bit, but didn't really "pop". A mere 6 of your earth points from a a possible 10...
5 from me, it wasn't exactly thrilling, DRS is far too artificial and apart from the second corner, there wasn't much in the way of excitement. Still, it was better than India and Korea..
5, was rather dull. Was better than India and Valencia but that’s nothing to brag about. I hate DRS so much it can actually spoil a good race for me.
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