2010-12 Wet Weather Championships


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IHe's certainly the reigning world rain champion over last three seasons.



Interesting stat given

1) Alonso is fabled to be good in the wet and you've shown he's got more success by finishing
- Was 2011 Brit GP a wet race ? I did not see the race fully

2) Vettel is suppose to wet weather expert and is only 6th

3 out of 9 for Alonso

the two races he did not finish - Spa 10 - crashed out in the wet Can 11 - taking out by Button

5 out of 9 for Button !

the other four races he did not score 1) Spa 10 - taken out by Vettel 2) Korea 10 - finished but no points - poor pace/ strategy 3) Silverstone 11 - bungled pit stop -retired 4) Malaysia 11 - finished but no points cos he crashed into a HRT
Il_leone, I noticed that Button had more wins than Alonso. I wasn't saying he was better than Button (and now I'm not saying he's worse than Button, I'm not commenting at all on their relative performance)
Winning three out of 9 races is not "having more succes by finishing", it's good. And apart from that he scored 2 more podiums and two 4th places. There's only one driver who won more wet races in those three years. There's no driver who got more podiums than he did. He scored more points than any other driver in the wet.
How can you say that's anything other than good? If that's not good, all the others except Button must be total rubbish, because they all did worse than Alonso (less wins, less podiums, less points, although Webber and Massa had more finishes, bu8t seeing where they finished you can hardly call them better).

The stat that surprises me is Vettel who's initially reputation was built on wet weather racing from his wins in Monza 08 and China 09


Is it possible to compare this against 2007 - 2009 I am sure it paints a slightly different picture

Thank you

It does show Hamilton was supreme in the wet.. the one he messed up was CHina 07 which cost him the world title and SPa 08 he was demoted for an illegal pass

Massa not too shabby either considering he was considered useless after his 5 spins in SIlverstone
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