Caption Competition 2009 II

Choose Your Favourite Caption...

  • Andrea_Moda_Rules - 'I know the credit crunch is taking hold but come on how am i supposed to get po

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  • Brogan - Adrian assists skater as rabid poodle makes a start on her other leg

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  • bogaTYR - ha! vettel isn't the only one who can do that trick with less wheels

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  • McZiderRed - "Gottle of Gear, Gottle of Gear. See, you didn't see my lips move, did you?.... Yo

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  • teabagyokel - The German version of Dancing on Ice seems to lack one crucial ingredient...

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  • Amdathlonuk - Right, now if I can just get my arm in this hole I can make her mouth move........

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Champion Elect
After days, nay, weeks of waiting, here is another pointless caption competition!

Can anyone make sense of this picture of Adrian Sutil?


You have until everyone's fed up to provide your quips....

Image hosted by
Adrian Sutil practices his post race entertainment routine....

"Gottle of Gear, Gottle of Gear. See, you didn't see my lips move, did you?.... You were looking at my lips, weren't you?"
Adrian Sutil enjoys doing some voluntary work after signing up for the 'Help the Disabled' program.
I've included Amd's caption :) but that's it, I won't edit it any more, as we all know what happened the last time!

So, the poll at the top of the thread is the poll. Vote for your favourite! :snacks:
teabagyokel said:
Has Amd done Wales proud and won Cap Comp II, I think its pretty conclusive!

Indeed. I do believe you're right!

Caption Comp I - Boyle99

Caption Comp II - Amdathlonuk
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