1982 Monaco GP Overtakes


Monaco Street Circuit
3.34 km
76 Laps

18 Overtakes

Lap 1-2
Prost (Renault) on Patrese (Brabham) - P3

Lap 2
de Angelis (Lotus) on Surer (Arrows) - P19

Lap 3
Laffite (Ligier) on Cheever (Ligier) - P14
Piquet (Brabham) on Salazar (ATS) - P17
Piquet (Brabham) on Henton (Tyrrell) - P16

Lap 4
Prost (Renault) on Giacomelli (Alfa Romeo) - P2
de Angelis (Lotus) on Salazar (ATS) - P18
de Angelis (Lotus) on Henton (Tyrrell) - P17

Lap 10
Piquet (Brabham) on Cheever (Ligier) - P14
Surer (Arrows) on Salazar (ATS) - P18

Lap 15
Lauda (McLaren) on Winkelhock (ATS) - P10
Surer (Arrows) on Henton (Tyrrell) - P16

Lap 16
de Angelis (Lotus) on Cheever (Ligier) - P14

Lap 17
Cheever (Ligier) on de Angelis (Lotus) - P14

Lap 22
Rosberg (Williams) on Alboreto (Tyrrell) - P5

Lap 25
Watson (McLaren) on Daly (Williams) - P8

Lap 35
de Angelis (Lotus) on Piquet (Brabham) - P11

Lap 75
Mansell (Lotus) on de Angelis (Lotus) - P4

Position Changes Left Out

Lap 47 For
3 cars on Mansell P7, 8, and 9 (Mansell was in for a pit stop)

Lap 53
de Angelis (Lotus) on Lauda (McLaren) - P8 (Niki was circulating very slowly for several laps)

Lap 54
Henton (Tyrrell) on Surer (Arrows) - P11 (Marc's Arrows was in serious trouble)

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