1982 Brazilian GP Overtakes


Jacarepagua Circuit
5.031 km
62 Laps

47 Overtakes

Lap 2
de Cesaris (Alfa Romeo) on Alboreto (Tyrrell) - P10
Giacomelli (Alfa Romeo) on Winkelhock (ATS) - P15
Cheever (Ligier) on Salazar (ATS) - P20

Lap 3
Patrese (Brabham) on Rosberg (Williams) - P4
de Cesaris (Alfa Romeo) on Lauda (McLaren) - P8
Cheever (Ligier) on Daly (Theodore) - P19
Laffite (Ligier) on Salazar (ATS) - P21

Lap 4
Mass (March) on Boesel (March) - P17
Cheever (Ligier) on Boesel (March) - P18
Laffite (Ligier) on Daly (Theodore) - P20

Lap 5
Piquet (Brabham) on Rosberg (Williams) - P5
Laffite (Ligier) on Boesel (March) - P19

Lap 6
Patrese (Brabham) on Prost (Renault) - P3
Piquet (Brabham) on Prost (Renault) - P4

Lap 8
Borgudd (Tyrrell) on Salazar (ATS) - P21

Lap 9
Piquet (Brabham) on Patrese (Brabham) - P3

Lap 10
Borgudd (Tyrrell) on Daly (Theodore) - P20

Lap 11
Giacomelli (Alfa Romeo) on Pironi (Ferrari) - P12
Giacomelli (Alfa Romeo) on Winkelhock (ATS) - P11
Borgudd (Tyrrell) on Boesel (March) - P18
Salazar (ATS) on Daly (Theodore) - P20
Rosberg (Williams) on Prost (Renault) - P5

Lap 17
Rosberg (Williams) on Patrese (Brabham) - P4
Piquet (Brabham) on Arnoux (Renault) - P2
Rosberg (Williams) on Arnoux (Renault) - P3

Lap 18
Patrese (Brabham) on Arnoux (Renault) - P4
Lauda (McLaren) on Reutemann (Williams) - P7

Lap 19
Lauda (McLaren) on Prost (Renault) - P6
Watson (McLaren) on Reutemann (Williams) - P8
Serra (Fittipaldi) on Salazar (ATS) - P19

Lap 20
Prost (Renault) on Lauda (McLaren) - P6
Serra (Fittipaldi) on Jarier (Osella) - P17
Serra (Fittipaldi) on Borgudd (Tyrrell) - P16

Lap 22
Borgudd (Tyrrell) on Serra (Fittipaldi) - P12
Jarier (Osella) on Serra (Fittipaldi) - P13

Lap 24
Rosberg (Williams) on Piquet (Brabham) - P2 (Not on Lap Chart, Pass/RePass)
Piquet (Brabham) on Rosberg (Williams) - P2 (Not on Lap Chart, Pass/RePass)

Lap 27
Rosberg (Williams) on Piquet (Brabham) - P2

Lap 29
Piquet (Brabham) on Rosberg (Williams) - P2

Lap 31
Serra (Fittipaldi) on Jarier (Osella) - P12
Salazar (ATS) on Jarier (Osella) - P13

Lap 33
Alboreto (Tyrrell) on Pironi (Ferrari) - P8

Lap 34
Mansell (Lotus) on Patrese (Brabham) - P5

Lap 35
Salazar (ATS) on Serra (Fittipaldi) - P10

Lap 37
Pironi (Ferrari) on Borgudd (Tyrrell) - P8

Lap 46
Alboreto (Tyrrell) on Winkelhock (ATS) - P6

Lap 49
Mass (March) on Jarier (Osella) - P10

Position changes left out

Lap 10
Four drivers on de Angelis (Lotus) - (We saw Elio recovering from an off)
Winkelhock (ATS) on Giacomelli (Alfa Romeo) - P12 (Giacomelli pit stop)
Pironi (Ferrari) on Giacomelli (Alfa Romeo) - P13 (Giacomelli pit stop)

Lap 12
Baldi (Arrows) on de Cesaris (Alfa Romeo) - P22 (de Cesaris was in trouble after two pit stops)

Lap 34
Winkelhock (ATS) on Patrese (Brabham) - P6 (Patrese pit out of exhaustion)
Borgudd (Tyrrell) on Pironi (Ferrari) - P8 (Pironi pit for fuel and tires)
Borgudd (Tyrrell) on Mass (March) - P10 (Mass pit stop)

Lap 35
Serra (Fittipaldi) on Mass (March) - P10 (Mass pit stop)
Salazar (ATS) on Mass (March) - P11 (Mass pit stop)

Overtaking Summary Video

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Overtakes Breakdown by Constructor


Nelson Piquet
PIQ on ROS (Williams) - L5, P5
PIQ on PRO (Renault) - L6, P4
PIQ on PAT (Brabham) - L9, P3
PIQ on ARN (Renault) - L17, P2
PIQ on ROS (Williams) - L24, P2
PIQ on ROS (Williams) - L29, P2

Riccardo Patrese
PAT on ROS (Williams) - L3, P4
PAT on PRO (Renault) - L6, P3
PAT on ARN (Renault) - L18, P4


Michele Alboreto
ALB on PIR (Ferrari) - L33, P8
ALB on WIN (ATS) - L46, P6

Slim Borgudd
BOR on SAL (ATS) - L8, P21
BOR on DAL (Theodore) - L10, P20
BOR on BOE (March) - L11, P18
BOR on SER (Fittipaldi) - L22, P12


Keke Rosberg
ROS on PRO (Renault) - L11, P5
ROS on PAT (Brabham) - L17, P4
ROS on ARN (Renault) - L17, P3
ROS on PIQ (Brabham) - L24, P2
ROS on PIQ (Brabham) - L27, P2


John Watson
WAT on REU (Williams) - L19, P8

Niki Lauda
LAU on REU (Williams) - L18, P7
LAU on PRO (Renault) - L19, P6


Eliseo Salazar
SAL on DAL (Theodore) - L11, P20
SAL on JAR (Osella) - L31, P13
SAL on SER (Fittipaldi) - L35, P10


Nigel Mansell
MAN on PAT (Brabham) - L34, P5


Alain Prost
PRO on LAU (McLaren) - L20, P6


Jochen Mass
MAS on BOE (March) - L4, P17
MAS on JAR (Osella) - L44, P10


Chico Serra
SER on SAL (ATS) - L19, P19
SER on JAR (Osella) - L20, P17
SER on BOR (Tyrrell) - L20, P16
SER on JAR (Osella) - L31, P12

Alfa Romeo

Andrea de Cesaris
DEC on ALB (Tyrrell) - L2, P10
DEC on LAU (McLaren) - L3, P8

Bruno Giacomelli
GIA on WIN (ATS) - L2, P15
GIA on PIR (Ferrari) - L11, P12
GIA on WIN (ATS) - l11, P11


Eddie Cheever
CHE on SAL (ATS) - L2, P20
CHE on DAL (Theodore) - L3, P19
CHE on BOE (March) - L4, P18

Jacques Laffite
LAF on SAL (ATS) - L3, P21
LAF on DAL (Theodore) - L4, P20
LAF on BOE (March) - L5, P19


Didier Pironi
PIR on BOR (Tyrrell) - L37, P8


Jean-Pierre Jarier
JAR on SER (Fittipaldi) - L22, P13


Cars Overtaken at Jacarepagua

ATS - 7 times
Renault - 7 times
Williams - 6 times
Brabham - 5 times
Osella - 4 times
Theodore - 4 times
March - 4 times
Fittipaldi - 3 times
Tyrrell - 3 times
Ferrari - 2 times
McLaren - 2 times
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