1982 South African GP Overtakes


Kyalami Circuit
4.104 km
77 Laps

57 Overtakes

Lap 2
Reutemann (Williams) on Alboreto (Tyrrell) - P8
Watson (McLaren) on Alboreto (Tyrrell) - P9
Cheever (Ligier) on Salazar (ATS) - P11
Daly (Theodore) on Winkelhock (ATS) - P18
Mass (March) on de Cesaris (Alfa Romeo) - P20
Lauda (McLaren) on Piquet (Brabham) - P13 (Seen on video, not on Lap Chart)
Piquet (Brabham) on Lauda (McLaren) - P13 (Lauda behind Piquet to start Lap 3)

Lap 3
Piquet (Brabham) on Salazar (ATS) - P12
Boesel (March) on Serra (Fittipaldi) - P23
Mass (March) on Winkelhock (ATS) - P19
Giacomelli (Alfa Romeo) on Winkelhock (ATS) - P20

Lap 4
Reutemann (Williams) on Laffite (Ligier) - P7
Borgudd (Tyrrell) on Winkelhock (ATS) - P20
Lauda (McLaren) on Salazar (ATS) - P12
Piquet (Brabham) on Cheever (Ligier) - P11 (Seen on video, Piquet retired this lap)
Piquet (Brabham) on Alboreto (Tyrrell) - P10 (Seen on video, Piquet retired this lap)

Lap 5
Patrese (Brabham) on Rosberg (Williams) - P5
Watson (McLaren) on Laffite (Ligier) - P8
Giacomelli (Alfa Romeo) on Mass (March) - P18
Giacomelli (Alfa Romeo) on Daly (Theodore) - P17

Lap 6
Reutemann (Williams) on Rosberg (Williams) - P6

Lap 7
Lauda (McLaren) on Cheever (Ligier) - P10
Mass (March) on Daly (Theodore) - P17

Lap 8
Borgudd (Tyrrell) on Daly (Theodore) - P18
Winkelhock (ATS) on Daly (Theodore) - P19

Lap 10
de Angelis (Lotus) on Salazar (ATS) - P11
Giacomelli (Alfa Romeo) on Warwick (Toleman) - P15

Lap 11
Borgudd (Tyrrell) on Mass (March) - P16

Lap 14
Prost (Renault) on Arnoux (Renault) - P1

Lap 18
Alboreto (Tyrrell) on Laffite (Ligier) - P7
Lauda (McLaren) on Laffite (Ligier) - P8

Lap 19
Lauda (McLaren) on Alboreto (Tyrrell) - P7

Lap 25
Pironi (Ferrari) on Laffite (Ligier) - P8 (Not on Lap Chart, exited pits behind Laffite)

Lap 29
Pironi (Ferrari) on Alboreto (Tyrrell) - P7

Lap 34
Giacomelli (Alfa Romeo) on de Cesaris (Alfa Romeo) - P12

Lap 36
Winkelhock (ATS) on Mass (March) - P14

Lap 37
Pironi (Ferrari) on Lauda (McLaren) - P6

Lap 44
Pironi (Ferrari) on Watson (McLaren) - P4

Lap 45
Pironi (Ferrari) on Rosberg (Williams) - P3
Prost (Renault) on Alboreto (Tyrrell) - P7

Lap 46
Winkelhock (ATS) on de Cesaris (Alfa Romeo) - P13

Lap 51
Prost (Renault) on Lauda (McLaren) - P6

Lap 54
Prost (Renault) on Watson (McLaren) - P4

Lap 55
Prost (Renault) on Rosberg (Williams) - P3
Winkelhock (ATS) on Giacomelli (Alfa Romeo) - P11
de Cesaris (Alfa Romeo) on Borgudd (Tyrrell) - P17

Lap 61
Pironi (Ferrari) on Reutemann (Williams) - P2
Prost (Renault) on Reutemann (Williams) - P3
de Cesaris (Alfa Romeo) on Serra (Fittipaldi) - P16

Lap 62
Prost (Renault) on Pironi (Ferrari) - P2

Lap 65
Lauda (McLaren) on Watson (McLaren) - P6

Lap 66
de Cesaris (Alfa Romeo) on Boesel (March) - P15

Lap 67
Lauda (McLaren) on Rosberg (Williams) - P5

Lap 68
Prost (Renault) on Arnoux (Renault) - P1

Lap 70
Borgudd (Tyrrell) on Serra (Fittipaldi) - P16

Lap 73
Reutemann (Williams) on Arnoux (Renault) - P2
de Cesaris (Alfa Romeo) on Daly (Theodore) - P13

Position changes left out

Lap 9
Salazar (ATS) on Cheever (Ligier) - P11 (Cheever retired on Lap 10)
de Angelis (Lotus) on Cheever (Ligier) - P12 (Cheever retired on Lap 10)

Lap 67
Reutemann (Williams) on Pironi (Ferrari) - P3 (Pironi slow on Lap 68 and retired on Lap 69)

Overtaking Summary Video

Nice work Keke :thumbsup:, out of interest do you do this from timing data or video or both? Also you have counted "Reutemann (Williams) on Arnoux (Renault) - P2", when Murray said that "He obviously has a problem" Was he going slow enough for it to be warranted as not an overtake?
tooncheese said:
Nice work Keke :thumbsup:, out of interest do you do this from timing data or video or both? Also you have counted "Reutemann (Williams) on Arnoux (Renault) - P2", when Murray said that "He obviously has a problem" Was he going slow enough for it to be warranted as not an overtake?

Thanks tooncheese. I use every resource available. Galahad has been providing me with 1982 Lap Charts, I have the Full Race videos, and I've recently obtained the 1982 MotorSport race reports from DSJ that can help fill in a lot of gaps.

I have counted all of the overtakes on Arnoux because he was suffering from the same vibration problem for a good bit of the race. He held on to his 3rd position for 4 laps after Reutemann went by, so he didn't slow down that drastically.
I have a huge pile of Motorsport & Grand Prix International magazines from 1979 onwards Keke so if you want anything drop me a PM with your e-mail address and I can scan them in. I also have the Autocourse annuals from 1978 onwards which have all the lap charts, which you're welcome to copies of if you need them.

As an aside, wasn't it this race that spurred Gordon Murray to look into in race refueling for the Brabhams as Prost's pace after he stopped for new tyres was so fast?
Great stuff. I love seeing snippets of this period of racing from before i was around.

I have hundreds of hours of on board footage of Senna, Prost, Fangio, Hill, Lauda, Hunt etc that i can only dream of being fortunate enough to see first time round... :disappointed: just something as simple as seeing them reach for the gear lever halfway round Parabolica is something that i don't remember seeing in my lifetime...
1982 South Africa Overtakes Breakdown


Nelson Piquet
PIQ on LAU (McLaren) - L2, P13
PIQ on SAL (ATS) - L3, P12
PIQ on CHE (Ligier) - L4, P11
PIQ on ALB (Tyrrell) - L4, P10

Riccardo Patrese
PAT on ROS (Williams) - L5, P5


Michele Alboreto
ALB on LAF (Ligier) - L18, P7

Slim Borgudd
BOR om WIN (ATS) - L4, P20
BOR on DAL (Theodore) - L8, P18
BOR on MAS (March) - L11, P16
BOR on SER (Fittipaldi) - L70, P16


Carlos Reutemann
REU on ALB (Tyrrell) - L2, P8
REU on LAF (Ligier) - L4, P7
REU on ROS (Williams) - L6, P6
REU on ARN (Renault) - L73, P2


John Watson
WAT on ALB (Tyrrell) - L2, P9
WAT on LAF (Ligier) - L5, P8

Niki Lauda
LAU on PIQ (Brabham) - L2, P13
LAU on SAL (ATS) - L4, P12
LAU on CHE (Ligier) - L7, P10
LAU on LAF (Ligier) - L18, P8
LAU on ALB (Tyrrell) - L19, P7
LAU on WAT (McLaren) - L65, P6
LAU on ROS (Williams) - L67, P5


Manfred Winkelhock
WIN on DAL (Theodore) - L8, P19
WIN on MAS (March) - L36, P14
WIN on DEC (Alfa Romeo) - L46, P13
WIN on GIA (Alfa Romeo) - L55, P11


Elio de Angelis
DEA on SAL (ATS) - L10, P11


Alain Prost
PRO on ARN (Renault) - L14, P1
PRO on ALB (Tyrrell) - L45, P7
PRO on LAU (McLaren) - L51, P6
PRO on WAT (McLaren) - L54, P5
PRO on ROS (Williams) - L55, P4
PRO on REU (Williams) - L61, P3
PRO on PIR (Ferrari) - L62, P2
PRO on ARN (Renault) - L68, P1


Jochen Mass
MAS on GIA (Alfa Romeo) - L2, P20
MAS on WIN (ATS) - L3, P19
MAS on DAL (Theodore) - L7, P17

Raul Boesel
BOE on SER (Fittipaldi) - L3, P23

Alfa Romeo

Andrea de Cesaris
DEC on BOR (Tyrrell) - L55, P17
DEC on SER (Fittipaldi) - L61, P16
DEC on BOE (March) - L68, P15
DEC on DAL (Theodore) - L73, P13

Bruno Giacomelli
GIA on WIN (ATS) - L3, P20
GIA on MAS (March) - L5, P18
GIA on DAL (Theodore) - L5, P17
GIA on WAR (Toleman) - L10, P15
GIA on DEC (Alfa Romeo) - L34, P12


Eddie Cheever
CHE on SAL (ATS) - L2, P11


Didier Pironi
PIR on LAF (Ligier) - L25, P8
PIR on ALB (Tyrrell) - L29, P7
PIR on LAU (McLaren) - L37, P6
PIR on WAT (McLaren) - L44, P4
PIR on ROS (Williams) - L45, P3
PIR on REU (Williams) - L61, P2


Derek Daly
DAL on WIN (ATS) - L2, P18
Knowing how long this has taken Keke and how much work was involved, I just want to say a public thank you.

Nice work chap :thumbsup:
Thanks guys. I've thoroughly enjoyed going through this 1982 season again and I'm glad I can add another year to the record books.

We've got much better Overtaking Summaries on the way, as the South African director somehow managed to miss nearly all of the most exciting action at Kyalami.
Cars overtaken at Kyalami 82

ATS - 8 times
Tyrrell - 7 times
Ligier - 7 times
Williams - 7 times
McLaren - 6 times
Theodore - 5 times
Alfa Romeo - 4 times
March - 4 times
Fittipaldi - 3 times
Renault - 3 times
Toleman - 1 time
Ferrari - 1 time
Brabham - 1 time
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