Vitaly Petrov

Discussion in 'Drivers' started by Slyboogy, Aug 27, 2011.

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    Its because there is a race in Russia agreed for 2014 and that is the pulling power to get more Russian sponsorship and exposure into F1 and off course helps if there is a recognised Russian driver

    Ambrosio am afraid was at the wrong place at the wrong time
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    so following the quote from his manager that inspired this article

    basically saying Petrov was in talks with 3 other teams as well as Caterham and they were going to sort his seat out for next season much earlier than last year - we now have this article

    Where his manager is basically saying Vitaly may have to quit F1 as no one is interested in a Russian F1 driver and Vitaly doesn't have a title sponser. She says its hard to sell an athlete in Russian and even harder to sell an F1 driver. With the Russian GP coming up in 2014 that does not sound good at all and I wonder if Bernie is going to play his hand again as he's shown a keen interest in Petrov staying in F1 because it woould create a bigger buzz round the Russian Grand Prix. If Petrov goes I can't really see another Russian driver on the horizon. There is a 19 year old Nikolay Martsenko who may be Russia's next F1 driver currently in the 3.5 series but his best result in that is still only a 5th place and a recent 18th at the Moscow Raceway probably did little to excite the Russian public about him.

    More importantly though I don't think Vitaly has done too bad this season. He's certainly kept up with Kovi and given him a far better run for his money than Trulli did. Its so competitve now for a spot on the grid and it shows you have to have backing.
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    I miss Vitaly :(

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