Your favourite moment of 2012


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Very simple, pick you favourite moment of the 2012 season. For me it's very easy, Pastor Maldonado returning Williams to the winners circle in Spain. The slow decline of Williams since 2004 has been terrible to watch and to see the team getting back to somewhere close their previous best was the stand out moment for me.
Pèrez his first podium in Malaysia :)

And from an unbiased perspective, the fight between Vettel and Hamilton and Vettel's sportsmanship at the end of the race.
Alonso's first lap charge in India (vs the Mclarens) and single move overtake of Felipe and Button (Brazil) - these were moments which stood out for Fernando's sheer class and desperation to be in the title chase after relatively disappointing qualifying positions.

Also, Kimi's Abu Dhabi win (spl the pit radio convos) and then him getting lost in Brazil - among the funniest things I have seen for a while, and the best part was that it happened just 1 race apart.
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