Poll Would anyone be interested in post rating functionality?

Do you want post rating functionality?

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The details are explained here: http://xenforo.com/community/resources/post-ratings-taking-likes-to-the-next-level.410/

As you need to be a customer to see the attachments though, here are some screenshots.






Instead of just having Like for a post, you can configure whatever you want: like, dislike, funny, clever, etc. It's fully customisable, so we can create whichever ratings we want.

The evidence would suggest it increases interaction, but I'm not sure whether it's suited to this site or not. Perhaps it only works on certain site types, such as gaming sites?

This is another paid add-on, so I will only consider it if there is a significant amount of support.
The last add-on (Bookmarks) has been used less than 10 times, so I'm reluctant to add or pay for anything else which won't be used.
Sticking my neck out here and voting for 'waste of time'.

I think most are quite capable of explaining their own reactions, for good or bad, and is an unnecessary expense.
I'm unsure. I think I'm happy with the way things are but a finely crafted post sometimes warrants more than simply "like".
My Cardiganshire roots tell me it won't be worth dipping into the treasury for though!
The ratings in the screenshot aren't necessarily the ones which would be implemented.

It's completely customisable.
I think it would be a good idea to show your credit of someone's amazing wit or brilliant joke, also, with things like the overtaking analysis, an 'informative' rating would show how useful it is compared to just a 'like'. These ratings would give some specifics to the 'like'. An example would be when, say, Marco Simoncelli died, I picked up on a post when someone said that it doesn't feel 'right' to like someone's post in that specific thread. However, with a more specific system, we would be able to credit someone's post without feeling, say, bad about it (in terms of that example).
I've occasionally felt it would be good to differentiate between 'I agree with this' and 'I like this', but it isn't something I, personally, would spend money on.
BTW, it only costs $30 so don't let the price be a major factor in your deliberations (I paid more than that for Chat and the custom BB Code add-on).
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