Windows 7.1 login problem

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When I try to log into my account it comes up with a message that my profile cannot be loaded. I had this problem in February but bypassed it by saving all my data away, removing the login then recreating the account and reloading all the data. Surely there must be a better way.
Bill Boddy Try doing this.
  1. Restart Windows in safe mode. To do so, reboot your PC and tap F8 a couple of times right after the BIOS initialization screen has passed. If you are unsure when that is exactly, you can also employ the advanced technique of tapping it continuously and in quick succession throughout the whole booting process.

  2. This will bring you into the Windows boot menu. Choose the option “Safe Mode with Command Prompt”.

  3. Ideally, you should be offered an “Administrator” user account in the login-screen by default. If not, try hitting Ctrl + Alt + Del twice to bring up a user name prompt, type in “Administrator” without a password and hit enter.

  4. Inside of the Windows safe mode UI, you should now see a command prompt. Enter to line "net user" to get an overview of all active accounts on your system. Note down the name of the user account that you lost access to, and use it in the command

  5. net user [username] [password]

  6. to assign a new password to it. This could look like this: “net user Martin 123456”.

  7. Restart your PC and log into your account with your new password.
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I followed some advice on editing the registry step for step. After rebooting the login screen came up, the only user available was the one I had been in whilst doing the editing.:)

So I went back a few days, that has worked.

Thank youy Mephistopheles I will try that out when it happens again.
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