Williams sell stake in team


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For the first time since Williams were formed in 1977, Sir Frank Williams and Patrick Head have sold an equity stake in it to an Austrian investment company.

Presumably Williams are struggling to obtain sponsorship and with the loss of the free engines from Toyota, now need additional funds to be able to compete going forward.

It's ironic that the investor is one Toto Wolff, although his surname is spelt with 2 f's as opposed to 1 for Walter Wolf.

Will this additional investment help Williams to step up to the next level or are they always going to be a midfield team from now on?

This link will take you to Toto Wolff's Wiki entry, although it doesn't tell you too much. One thing to note, his girlfriend is Scottish racing driver Susie Stottard - perhaps a new test driver for Williams? It would generate some publicity for the Williams team which they are probably in need of.
it had to come one day. these guys are not the youngest anymore and i wonder how frank has the strenght to do this job anyway in view of his physical health. i have deep respect for both gentlemen.

i think its much more a case of having the right opportunity then really a step for more money. cos i dont think a toto wolff can come up with the money williams would need to really take a step to another level. but i can see a like minded person who might take the place from frank.
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