Williams Find Someone Fast!


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Andrew Benson said:
Williams announces partnership with athletics legend Michael Johnson, aimed at improving "all aspects of performance", including pit crew

From Twitter.

If you're not familiar with Michael Johnson, he is this guy:

Anyone got any idea how he is going to improve Williams performance?
Other than as a trainer for the drivers, I have absolutely no idea.

Even then, an athlete doesn't necessarily make for a good trainer.
wow - that is an odd one! I have to say though I have a great deal of respect for Michael Johnson - I think he's an incredible athlete - very humble with it and has always talked sense and been fair (and interesting) as a TV Pundit.

I can't see him signing up for something unless there was something he could enjoy and succeed at but like you guys I'm at a loss to see what it will be.

When I saw the headline I was kind of hoping they'd given him a drive!
Other than as a trainer for the drivers, I have absolutely no idea.

Even then, an athlete doesn't necessarily make for a good trainer.
Michael Johnson doesn't really get involved with the training, it's mainly just his name behind the company. From the little I know of them, in addition to athletics they train people in a variety of sports such as american football and ice hockey. He's probably just trying to expand his brand into another sport whilst Williams just get a new training partner for their drivers and pit crew.

I doubt they'll make much of an improvement, it's just in the news because of who Michael Johnson is.
The partnership will see the MJP logo displayed on the sleeves of driver and team overalls, personnel uniform and across the team. MJP will also provide an intensive training programme for the team’s pit crew personnel as well as conducting an evaluation of the team’s training regime.

“Everyone at Michael Johnson Performance is excited about our partnership with the Williams F1 Team. Williams is known around the world as one of the most successful teams in the history of Formula One and has achieved great success over the years and we look forward to helping them continue that winning tradition.

According to the average pit stop times on the F1 site, Williams were on average 1.1s slower than the fastest times set by Red Bull and Mercedes so clearly their pit crew needs to find more speed.

1= Red Bull - Best
1= Mercedes - Best
3 McLaren - + 0.3s
4 Force India - + 0.4s
5 Ferrari - + 0.5s
6 Renault - + 0.9s
7 Williams - + 1.1s
8= Lotus - + 1.3s
8= Sauber - + 1.3s
8= Toro Rosso - + 1.3s
11 Virgin - + 1.6s
12 HRT - + 3.2s (HRT continuing to excel in all aspects of F1)

It seems that young Bruno is emerging as favourit for the williams seat what with Sutil being prosecuted and Rubens is at the end of his career..

Causing a team owner physical harm is never a great career move...
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