Will KERS spoil the racing?


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It has been suggested that cars with KERS could have as much as 2 grid rows advantage off the start.

That would imply that Ferrari are able to jump several places and be challenging the 2 Brawn cars into the 1st corner.
If they do manage to get in front then the additional power from KERS each lap will help them to fend off any subsequent challenges from faster cars behind them.

I hope this doesn't detract from the racing and turn races into a blocking contest.

Having said that, Brawn do have a significant advantage over Ferrari in terms of lap time so they should be able to either stay in front or pass at some point.

I have always been against the idea of KERS as I'm not sure it brings anything to F1 but we shall have to wait and see what happens tomorrow.
Brogan said:
I hope this doesn't detract from the racing and turn races into a blocking contest.

It appears your fears are unfounded, for now at least, as KERS seems to provide a good opportunity of overtaking and the nonKERS cars, especially Kuby's BMW, accounted for themselves well. Swings & roundabouts for now....
Yes, on balance it was pretty good.

Although there were some instances were KERS equipped cars were able to hold position, the deteriorating option tyre soon put that right :D

More of the same please.
It seemed to me that what KERS gives with one hand it takes away with the other. The qualifying times of the KERS cars was crap, but it looked like they managed to get through the field, notice the gains of Hamilton, Alonso, Massa, Raikkonen and Piquet. So far, then, KERS has bumped cars who'll be decently fast in the race towards the back in qualifying! Sounds like the perfect recipe for overtaking to me!

It also adds to the intrigue of F1 because there is a question as to who and when will it be run! But we did see Rosberg take Raikkonen at one point so KERS is not infallible.

I like it, but McLaren, Renault and Heidfeld need to get further up the grid to get full use of it!
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