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The wheels seem to have fallen off the Red Bull wagon somewhat, haven't they? From the one-twos in Silverstone and Nurburg, they failed when great things were predicted at Budapest, they blew engines at Valencia, at the track they were strong at in Belgium they were outmanouvered by Fisi and Kimi and their Monza form was pitiful.

So, have Red Bull just not improved the car since the German GP, or are McLaren and Ferrari (and FI) now ahead of both the title protaganists. And are they going to fluctuate against Brawn until the end of the season?

One thing seems sure, Brawn seem to have the edge in both Championships. This was Red Bull's best ever chance of taking a title. Will they ever recover in F1 and what is the future for them?
I think it was widely excepted that Red Bull had the best aero package of all the cars that applied the spirit of the law as regards defusers rather than the letter of the law like Brawn or Toyota.

It's been clear in the last few races that on tracks that are less aero reliant the Force India has been one of the cars to beat while the Red Bull which relies on it's aero tricks to make up for it's lack of power in the Renault engine department has struggled.

I firmly believe that Red Bull the company can not keep up it's sponsorship of Red Bull and Torro Rosso forever and firmly expect Torro Rosso to be up for sale by the middle of next season. This is especially so now that the two teams have to build there own chasis.

I agree with TBY that this was the best chance that Red Bull had to win the championship. From here on in I think it will be a struggle all the way.
I'd never bet against Red Bull.. In nearly every other form of motorsport, they are near the top if not at the top, so they definitely know how to win. I think it is just a matter of time until they actually do win the title. The first thing they need to do to reach this goal is to get rid of Webber and get someone who can really push Vettel..
RickD said:
The first thing they need to do to reach this goal is to get rid of Webber and get someone who can really push Vettel..
I think that's a bit unfair on Mark.

If you look at the Head To Head, apart from qualifying Mark is more than holding his own.
And if it wasn't for his non scoring in the last 3 races he'd still be ahead of Seb V in the WDC.

There's no doubt that Red Bull had one of the best cars for the first half of this season but now that the chasing pack has caught up it could be a different story next year.

Of course, the cars have to change again to take into account larger fuel cells, etc. so Red Bull may do the best job again next year and come out fighting.

We shall see.
Brogan said:
I think that's a bit unfair on Mark.
It's not that, its the whinging.. He whines on more than any British person i've ever met and then the Aussies have the cheek to call us whinging poms.. :dunno:

Seriously though, look at the qualifying results. Vettel has had a few issues with engines in the races and doesn't seem to be able to ovetake anyone on the track, but in qualifying, it is 12-1 (before any penalties).
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