Who will win the Pit War?

Who will win the "Pit War"?

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Red Bull have recently claimed to have broken the 2 second barrier

Who will be the first team to break the 2s barrier during a race?

Can a sub 2s Pitstop be done?

I actually think this is a very difficult question to answer, as technology doesn't play as large a part as the people involved. OK, I know there are bespoke nuts and air guns to undo/tighten them, but it all comes down to tightly drilled teams working as one and in theory any team could be quickest, with sufficient practice.
I've gone for Sub 2 seconds can't be done.

Looking at that Youtube clip, from the moment the car is stationary to the moment it leaves the pit box looks like between 4 and 6 seconds.

Good to see the mechanics still trust their drivers by getting dressed up in all that nomex and helmet clobber. Remember during the last period of no in race refueling, mechanics would wear shorts and T-shirts !!

Mind you, enough of them have been run over in the past so I guess it's a wise to think safety.
They definately look overdressed. :s Perhaps they should consider the facts. Pitlane speed limits, no refuelling, better brakes, more highly skilled drivers... :whistle:
I've got to go with CaT, I just don't think a stationary time of 2 seconds is feasible. The stop in the clip took between 5 and 7 seconds and with all the adrenailne pumping in the middle of a race they won't do it.

Snowy - was disappointed there wasn't a "The mechanics manage it in 2 secs but Webber stalls it on the get away" option :snigger:
I agree that doing it in the race is something quite different. I also have voted that sub two seconds can't be done...
eeeh I remember back in't day when there were none of t'bloody stupid refuelling first time round t'mechanics were doing it in about 3.5 - 4 seconds, I think that's more likely.
I've gone with the rest.

It would take at least 2 seconds from the car stopping to fit the wheelgun, remove the nut, remove the wheel, put a new one on and tighten the nut.

I just can't see how that can be done in 2 seconds or less.
:thinking: That makes two completely BS claims from Christian Horner in less than a week and before the season has even started! :givemestrength:

The man is an imbecile... and faeces stirrer. :crazy:
I will have to go along with the herd and say that a 2 second pit stop seems impossible (assuming they mean 2.0 seconds, not cover the range 2.0 to 2.9999). More hot air from CH.
This link takes you to a video which claims to be the world fasest pit stop and I reckon it takes between 3 and 4 seconds so grade one bull plop from Horner.

Let the mind games begin...
Yeah, the DTM guys can usually do it in around 4 seconds.

I would struggle to see how anyone could do it much quicker than that.
Only just over 3[sup]1[/sup]/[sub]2[/sub] days to find out.
Hola Amigos,

Just parachuting in to say I have to concur (and vote) with the view that 2 sec's is (well, improbable if not) impossible. I wonder is this Christian Horner testing the "disinformation pipeline" and/or mind games to rattle the opposition. I have a theory (Snowy alluded to it on another subject) but I'm withholding that for the moment as I'm new to the blogosphere and don't want to look like a T_ _ _t !
Well Renault believe that a sub 3 is possible but the bench mark they are aiming for is 3.5 secs in the pressure cooker scenario of an actual race.
slickskid said:
Well Renault believe that a sub 3 is possible but the bench mark they are aiming for 3.5 secs in the pressure cooker scenario of an actual race.

But they only do 3 wheels in a pit stop :whistle:
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