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Who will finish higher in the WDC?

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The next exciting installment of the "Who will beat Whom" threads.
This time the Williams duo of Rubens "Grandad" Barrichello vs Nico "NKOTB" Hulkenberg.

If you can't decide there's always the Michael McIntyre option.
I hesitate to ask but what's "NKOTB"?

This is going to be very tricky.
Rubens is a distinct middle of the road performer but we have no idea how Nico is going to be in his first season.

Decisions, decisions.
NKOTB is New Kid on the Block (after the super boy band from the late 80's)

I'll kick things off. I think Rubens will get a start on Nico in the early races but as Nico gets to grips with driving an F1 car he will go past the old man and finish quite a long way ahead by seasons end.
I have no doubt that Hulkenberg will be a star of the future and a season or two under the tutelage of not only Rubens but also Frank Williams and Patrick Head will be an excellent starting point for him. However, I can't see him getting the better of Barrichello in his first season. Rubens for me.
I know there are lots of clichés about experience vs yoof, but I think Rubens, as the "Father of the House", will get the better of the youngster Hulkenberg.

The Williams may be new to Rubens, but he has experience in F1 and so a head start, therefore he will win through.
Nico Hulkenberg is a bit of a mystery to me since the GP2 coverage evaporated last season. But I've heard great things so I'll take a punt on him doing a Lewis and surprising the bejeezus out of us in his first season in F1.

The Incredible Hulk. :thumbsup:
Since I am an old geezer myself, I think I will throw my support behind Reubens. I believe that he will especially outshine his young teammate in the rain.
I'll go for Rubens, he's been cometitive with his teammate almost every year for the past three and a half centuries, just missing one or two years of his time when MS was at his peak. F1 is a hard sport to hit the ground running in, so odds favour the smoothe brazilian!
Although I think Michael McIntyre would do a fine job for Williams this season..., this is one of the most difficult questions of the year!

The first three GP2 champions (Rosberg, Hamilton, Glock) have all shown an aptitude in Formula One, Georgio Pantano didn't when he was there, but ART seem to be able to pick a driver! Also, Hulkenburg won by quite some distance, whether due to Romain Grosjean's promotion or not remains to be seen.

Barrichello is surely going down the slippery slope to retirement. He didn't look very good for large parts of last season, with a couple of excellent wins thrown in. He was, however, failing to beat Button from hugely promising positions, such as in Interlagos.

On the basis that I think Barrichello may be down, I go for the Incredible Hulk.
This is a real tough one because it could so easy to see it going either way. Both guys are new to the team so they both have to settle. Rubens has the experience and the Hulkster with have the ambition.

I think Rubens will be the more consistent of the two but Hulkenberg is more likely to have the better finishes.

It's going to be close but I think Hulkenberg will be ahead at the end of the season.
I'm with McZ and Boyle99 - Experience is invaluable at the moment due to the testing restrictions, and RB will have plenty to shade Nico H over the season.
Nico did three days of testing last month in the Williams and posted some very respectable times if I recall correctly...
I think Nico will steal it.

He has the benefit of the guy who lent his setups to 2 WDC's. Presumably Nico will get the same support. I'm really excited about Hulkenberg, along with Kobayashi, as the two best young racers/rookies (i know KK isn't technically a rookie..) in F1. Everything I've heard about NH is positive, so hopefully he can show us some racecraft!
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