Who am I? Part 2

I'd been thinking Prost but if not I'm going to go for another famous french driver.

My guess: Rene Arnoux
Clue 2 - I won six out of nine races, and the title, in my first season in Can-Am (although I only entered seven races).
Ok, so Canam was at it's height in the late 60's early 70's so I'm going to guess at

Francios Cevert. ?

Clue 3 - I have made two comebacks in F1, the 2nd proving to be the most successful netting 2 GP wins.
I have a feeling the Elf young driver thing is a bit of a red hearing because we've been thinking french.

I am trying to think of guys who have made a comeback and won on their return.

I'm going to go for Johnny Herbert all though I've no idea if he ever raced in Can-Am.
Not Vic Elford or Jonny Herbert.

Clue 4 might make it a bit clearer - My debut race in F1 was the same race as Gilles Villeneuve (although I did have a DNQ at the previous race) and I ended up getting a drive in the McLaren over Gilles for the following season.
I know this is going to blow my chance of the title but the only driver I can think of is Jochen Mass?
Not AJ - okay, an easy one to finsih this off:

Clue 5 - I replaced Gilles Villeneuve in the Ferrari team and won the first of my 2 GP wins in Germany that year.
Doh!! I think TBY has got it. Should have got that sooner.

Very bizarre for Villeneuve. He makes his debut in a Mclaren alongside the guy that he would eventually smash into costing him his life and the guy who takes his Mclaren seat is the same guy who takes his Ferrari seat. It's a funny old game.
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