When Corporate Image Didn't Matter


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Thought I would share this image of James Hunt, a man who was probably the last real "bad boy" driver, in his natural habitat; overalls, fag on, can of beer and a model sat VERY close. What ever happened to this sort of driver?



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And yet they still had to wear the sponsored baseball caps, even in those days :D


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I'm sure if it was up to Marlboro the Ferrari drivers would be in that pose today!

Actually, strike that - I think Kimi frequently is!


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Kimi would be there but for one thing. There's a camera nearby - the photo was taken. Kimi avoids cameras like the plague!

And I think Marlboro's corporate image was aided by JH smoking. Hence you might see Lewis Hamilton on the mobile at Valencia, Vettel drinking what looks like dangerous energy drink and Trulli watching the telly.

Or they should, if their sponsors had any sense!
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