What would motorsport forums be like if.....


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This is a sample of what Motorsport forums would be like if a certain Mclaren driver had never made it to the grid:

fan1: I say old bean, what a splendid race today. Did you see the dual between the red car, the blue car and the silver one
fan2: yes old chap, smashing wasn't it. shame the silver car and the red car bumped each other
fan1: pure racing incident chap, no harm done
fan2: absolutely, dash sporting of them to shake hands and make up in the end
fan1: indeed, gents one and all
fan2: did you hear the rumour that a chap working for the red team was seen having a drink with a chap from the silver team?
fan3: yes, healthy exchange of ideas, nothing more, nothing less.
fan1: yes, my thoughts exactly, salt of the earth those mechanics
fan2: indeed, salt of the earth. Thought the stewards were spot on today. no penalties were issued for any reason
fan3: yes very even handed.
fan1: right, going to sign off now, the world chess championships are on
fan2: good night
fan3: good night
fan1: good night
LOL Wicked. Not dissimilar to what would have occurred had a certain German bloke not dominated a great deal of F1 from the '90's into this century - in his own inimitable style, of course.:snigger:
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