What tyres at Montreal?

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I'm a little confused. Pirelli were supposed to be bringing their soft (yellow sidewalls) and supersoft (red sidewalls) to Montreal...

However, what they seem to have brought is the soft and something else (White? sidewalls).... What's going on? Or am I just being stupid?



Yep, me being stupid... Just done a little bit more reading on Autosport.... 2 sets of medium tyres available for the teams to test today! (Sorry, I'm a bit of an idiot!)
It's softs and supersofts.

The teams were also given some of the new medium compound tyres for testing in FP1 and FP2, to allow Pirelli to evaluate them before they're used at Valencia.

This is a new compound due to the high wear rates of the old compound, which the teams complained about.
Hi Artist,

Pirelli nominated the following tyres for the next three meetings:

Canada - Soft / Super-soft ; (New Mediums to be evaluated for Valencia)

Valencia - Medium / Super-Soft

Britain - Hard / Soft

Cheers, Artist :)
Pirelli is just going to destroy formula 1 with their silly tyres, qualifying has become a snorefest, races are now more about strategies than actual out and out pace!
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