What do you miss in F1?

Chad Stewarthill

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What everyone said, especially the comments like those of GeoffP and sportsman about 'real' cars and natural penalties for going off track, cutting chicanes etc.

And when it comes to liveries Slyboogy, don't forget the original and proper John Player Special Lotus and the daddy of all 'Sponsor' liveries, Gold Leaf (Lotus again!).
Also I miss the blue Elf Tyrrell, especially with Jackie Stewart at the wheel.
And as has already been mentioned, low noses (hope to see those back next year though).

What a great thread by the way! Someone should print this whole thing off and send it to the FIA and to all the team bosses.

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Didn't all the cool liveries come from the tobacco sponsors? JPS, Be(ns)on (H)edge, West, Marlboro etc. But they were banned


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Those F1 people, drivers and staff alike, who are no longer with us.
I can safely say I speak on behalf of all on here.


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What GermanF1 said

plus re. good looking cars: Real Lotus cars of late 70's/early 80's with the JPS liveries along with all their gizmo's, just for fun and naughtiness. The 1995 Jordan - gorgeous

.... and lot's of other stuff most peeps have said already.

Just one caveat ... I don't mind the aero stuff so long as it's counter balanced with interesting mechanical engineering. I really miss the diversity of the 1970's.

,,, tha', tha', tha', that's all folks.


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TBH been having a good think about this to add another one to my list.

I miss waking up at 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning to tune into the first F1 race of the season from Australia. 6 o'clock in the morning is appropriate for somewhere like Malaysia, but i think the time change in OZ has effected the racing at Albert Park somehow.


Di Resta fan :).

Mine is that because it's still relatively cold in March. I put me slippers on and a dressing gown over my PJ's and put the kettle on and have a hot chocolate and a middle of the night snack. But now i have my breakfast while watching it, just isn't the same. Damn you Bernie!


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Over the last couple of years we have seen a bit more character in the sport following Mosley's departure.

I miss old tracks and different types of tyres.

As has been said, the best Tilke track has been removed from the calendar - that Turn 8 is incredible!


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Come one, be more creative...it was 7 years ago you made that track, surely you have another corner up your sleeve?

The Delhi track and Austin look so similar, I think Russia is quite similar too (although it's a while since I've seen the track layout)
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