What About Williams?

Williams has a great car, but are held back by their drivers. Bruno Senna should not be in F1, and Pastor needs a veteran guy to learn from and mature from. Ruben's would have been the perfect mentor and now the only possible move I could see is Kovalainen. I think he's still got it. Maybe a 1 year move to Ferrari would be possible for Heikki?
I constantly bring these two drivers up, they are cheap, got 2-3 years of experience, and not many crashes between the two. Buemi or Alguersuari, okay Alguersauri was a loose cannon at times. They were in talks with Buemi last year, of course the money issue took over.

I think Massa would do well at Williams, but whether they would want him or not is a different matter. People are talking about Williams having a good car, but they are not guranteed to be as close to the top teams next year, so it could be a gamble for some of the established drivers, although for Massa, it sure would be helpful.

Kovalainen should definitely go if he gets the chance, but then there could also be the thought, that he was racing the Williams drivers at times last season, and that Caterham might finally break into the midfield.

Not sure why Perez would go, certainly settled at Sauber, going to Williams considering that last two seasons would seem like decline.

If the rumours of Sauber wanting to get rid of Kobayashi are true, then he might be a good candidate, the only thing is, Kobayashi isn't bringing in the sponsors like he was rumoured to in 2009.

I've ruled out all the drivers from McLaren, Mercedes, Lotus, and Force India. Mainly because it will be a decline for them all, and one of the drivers (Hulkenberg) got unfairly dropped in 2010.

I personally think that we'll see a Bottas and Maldonado line up, since Bottas has been talked of very highly, plus Maldonado's pace and sponsorship. Although Maldonado could come under threat if Senna (which is looking likely at the moment) overhauls him in the points, then they would likely drop both, but then who would be that Venezulean driver that PDVSA want? :thinking:
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