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Bernie and FIA have done it!

At last, excitement on the track that has absolutely nothing to do with the drivers or the cars!

I don't want to take anything away from Alonso or Rosberg, stunning performance from both. Nor do I want to hide the fact that Ferrari for about the 4th race in a row are imploding like Hamilton did last year.

But let's face it, what had todays result to do with the relative perfomances of the drivers/cars over the weekend allowing for both qualifying and the race?

What a sad day, who'd have thought so much had been lost whilst jumping up and down in their armchair with excitement. :o
Well, I'm not sure about what you're talking about really F&F!

Alonso took a risk. There's plenty of times Renault have taken a risk this season and seen Alonso falling out of points positions, but he took a risk and it paid off. Fair play to him!

Rosberg was one hell of a lot faster than anyone else on course after SC1 and it is therefore irrelevant that Fisi was holding half the grid up. He drove excellently and nearly won the race by jumping Alonso at that point!

frog 'n' flymo said:
But let's face it, what had todays result to do with the relative perfomances of the drivers/cars over the weekend allowing for both qualifying and the race?

The result never allows for qualifying F&F. Had Massa's performance in qualifying been replicated in the race he wouldn't have finished second-last whether or not he'd gone and pulled the fuel hose off. Remember, he started taking escape roads and nearly spun off in the Sutil incident!

In effect, what we have is who completed the course in the shortest time! That's racing mate! That's why we watch on a Sunday afternoon!
Aha, I see my ability to keep secrets is still strong....

What I had meant to imply was that the result of the race at Singapore has moved too strongly to being decided by the circuit make-up, and the corresponding regulations.

i.e. the almost guaranteed necessity for safety cars nullifying the driven advantage, and this supported by, what I consider, questionable regulations in particular closing the pit lane on safety car.

As a result the qualifying positions are not a march towards the result, merely another roll of the dice in the gamble for position and the chequered flag.

Don't get me wrong, the race was interesting and exciting. What I disagree with is where driver and manufacturer have so little control as a result of circuit design, management and the supporting regulations - I just want racing!

Today's Singapore was kind of refreshing, but I feel we are in danger of ending up with a racing series as unpredicatable and uncontrollable by the participants, as a result of the rules, regulations and venues being put in place.

Hence, well done Max & Bernie, they really are heading on a march in the wrong direction. The night race aspect worked, or rather, didn't cause a problem, but the new style circuit exposed major rule weaknesses.
The race was boring. If there had been one real overtaking place on the circuit, the result would have been much different. After SC1, the only reason NR was faster than anyone else on track is because none of them could get past a driver going 5-6 seconds a lap slower than NR without making a kamikazee move and possibly falling foul of the race stewards. Shame as Singapore could have been a good event. That's two new absolute lemons we have on the calendar for too many years to come. >:(
Agreed, what a dull and boring race. You just kne whow it would pan out.
The whole race was dependant on SC's and strategy, that's not real racing in my book.

There was no really impressive driver of the day as the track didn't allow them to open the taps properly. Let's hope the 50p runs out soon....................
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