Weather on Mars

Bill Boddy

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From 2018 internet users will be able to get a live feed of the weather on Mars. Although the atmosphere is only 1% of the density on Earth weather does exist. Dust clouds are frequent, there was concern about them interfering with the rover's solar panels but it seems that the dust is blown away quickly.

Anyone wanting to watch it raining will be disappointed. Although clouds exist water does not (or at least there is very little of it). But it can snow but it doesn't lie for very long.

The main interest is that the temperatures can vary wildly and also Mars is not protected from solar radiation (it has no magnetic field), although I suspect that there will be little to be seen.
Or it can be pleasantly warm. But not at night, when you are right. Except that you left out the "very". A hazard during the winter is the dry ice, you have to tread carefully.
cwtch is that how it's spelt? My son in law says it, he's Welsh as well, he's the only person I had ever heard say it. Now we all use it!
Perhaps you could see if they're still filming the ISS stuff with that American guitar guy in the next studio, he looks like he'd be up for a cwtch.
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