VW plan F1 entry in 2018?

2018? This is a non-story. They said they were thinking about entering in 2014 and we all got excited. I'll wait til nearer the time before I give this any credibility.
Have to agree with ExtremeNinja, VW have been "flying a kite" on this one for years.

Would be nice to see the Bentley name though.
Surely Porsche as their is a historical tie to F1.
Skoda is rallying.
Audi and Bentley are LeMans
VW are Tescos...

Still don't think it will happen...
What about Lamborghini F1? They may have sucked in the past, but it will be good to have that name in F1.

However, I wouldn't take Volkswagon seriously, 2018? Such a strange year isn't it?

Even then, F1 bent over backwards to get them and yet they backed out. Can't see that happening again.
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