BTCC Vaxuall Out. What does the future hold for the BTCC?


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Seat left at the end of last year now Vaxuall announce that this wil be thier last season in the BTCC. That leaves the BTCC with a grand total of 0 Works teams, I believe for the first time in history. So what what now for the BTTCC, where to they go from here no doubt the scare-mongers will be on overload already declaring the death of the Championchip, but should we be worried?
Arena Motorsport are devloping the Ford allbeit with out manufactor support. and theres still a stong set of ex WTCC BMW's. Is It time for a re-think of the rules can the BTCC futre be maintained by a bunch of ex WTCC cars.

What are your thoughts?
It doesn't surprise me they'll be no works teams next year - all the manufacturers are going bankrupt. To be honest it makes a much more level playing field for the privateers.
Well the constructors' championship was the least exciting part of BTCC last year purely because there were only 2 constructors.

This year there are 3 but it's still a bit pointless.
Unless there are say 10 constructors competing as works teams then there seems little point.

So although it's a shame they're pulling out, it won't really spoil my enjoyment, assuming of course that we still have decent sized grids.
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