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Not my cup of cake
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Just noticed my user status has been upped to "Racer" for passing 500 posts. What do I become if I get over 1,000, apart from lots of PM's from you lot asking me to stop writing such a load of boring drivel on here?
Nice one FB :D

FYI, these are the current "ranks".

Browser  	0
Spectator 1-24
Learner 25-99
Test Driver 100-249
Rookie 250-499
Racer 500-999
Pole Sitter 1,000-4,999
Champion 5,000-9,999
Team Principal 10,000-14,999
Retired 15,000

They haven't changed since they were first set up so if anyone has any better suggestions, let me know.
If anyone has alternative suggestions for "ranks", please say.

I just quickly set those up when the site started so they could probably do with being tweaked.
How very odd.

I just posted something and wondered when I'd stop being a rookie sometime just past Australia I'd guess :p
Please, sir, please can I get a Fantasy F1 Cup Runner-Up title with the little guy with a second place trophy?! LOL
A very popular sim site I frequent had to abolish their ranking system because so many people took it as a serious competition and went on spam crusades... :bored:

:embarrassed: ... much as I do here...
It can be an issue on certain sites.
Fortunately we don't seem to have that problem here.

There is the option to turn off post counting for individual forums, which some sites do in the "off topic" forum.

Oh and no you can't Boyle, only winners get shiny trophies - 2nd place is the first loser :D
Rest assured, anybody I see shamelessly spamming will have their posts removed

Except for Bro and CaT of course :p
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