Tyres announced for JPN, KOR, IND


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[SIN] - Soft; Super Soft
JPN - Hard; Soft
KOR - Soft; Super Soft
IND - Hard; Soft

Back to the lucky dip (medium) gauge off of the special thin gauge used at Spa and Monza...

Interesting KOR is given the street circuit compounds... not sure what to read into that...
For reference, this is all the tyres so far this season.

Grand Prix	Option		Prime
Australian Soft Medium
Malaysian Medium Hard
Chinese Soft Medium
Bahrain Soft Medium
Spanish Soft Hard
Monaco Supersoft Soft
Canadian Supersoft Soft
European Soft Medium
British Soft Hard
German Soft Medium
Hungarian Soft Medium
Belgian Medium Hard
Italian Medium Hard
Singapore Supersoft Soft
Japanese Soft Hard
Korean Supersoft Soft
Indian Soft Hard
Those are some pretty aggressive tyre choices there, with Korea set to be about tyre conservation I suspect and the other 3 should feature varying strategies with the gap in compounds.
Interesting. I know that not everyone likes the importancs of tyre conservsation in F1, but I love it when there is a step gap in tyre compounds.

KOR is going to be interesting with that call from Pirelli. What compounds were run last year? I am sure they know what they are doing though. Just think if they got into a stait like Bridgestone did in Canada in 2010. The number of pit stops would be epic!
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